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  • Decoration in a nutshell

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approx. 14,000 cups

… of coffee in all variations have been consumed by our team in Steyregg

more than 1,800

…decorations have been implemented since 1984.

more than 3,500

… exclusive products can be found in our shop.

Fields of business activity

  • Decoration, decoration, decoration,...

    The main parts of our business activities are decorations for events, weddings, seasonal decorations for business- and office spaces, hotels and restaurants as well as supporting private events with our decorations. We create harmony. Emotions or sophisticated functionality, traditional or modern, elegant or fancy ideas. We carry out your wishes, ideas or specifications. Independent of the style. All over Austria as well as abroad.

  • Interior design - consulting

    It doesn’t matter if you want to renew part of your existing interior or if you want to buy everything new. We support you in creating a home that perfectly matches your needs. Of course you do not need to buy products in our shop. Many of our customers book us for their shopping tour. We accompany you and guide you in purchasing the best products. Our longterm experience and wide range of qualitfications is your profit.

  • Event- and wedding planning

    If neccesary we can take over the planning and carrying out of your event. We can develop (together with you) a whole concept. We can help choose and present the right location, book the catering and recommend the best band and technicians. So you can lean back and profit from our 30 years of experience and our widespread network of professional partners.

  • Color theory and -concepts

    The effect of colors is meanwhile undisputed. The theory of colors deals with the interactions of colors and color shades. Due to our comprehensive training and of course the human intuition we can create the perfect color concepts for your needs. The theory of colors is a key-issue in all parts of our work. We also counsel hotels and restaurants to create well-being rooms for their customers in all parts of their buildings.

  • Presentation of products

    Do you want to present your products perfectly? We are happy to assist you in creating an “inducement to buy” surrounding for your products. We never focus on one spot, we always see the bigger picture which makes us your perfect business partner in terms of decoration and product presentation.

  • Set design for photo shootings

    Your goal is to present your products in the best possible way to create a customers’ “Wow” when they look at your advertisment or your new catalogue? We will support you in reaching this goal. Many well known companies trust us in this business field and have been with us for a long time.

  • Decoration of fair stands

    A good product is often not enough. Presenting it in a different or new way in combination with emotions – that is what customers expect these days. So you need to have the perfect fair stand to attract your potential customers. We can provide decoration items or take care of the whole planning of your booth.

  • Lectures & workshops

    Table decorations, tips and tricks, living with colors, the theory of colors, interior design, trends and highlights, how to dry plants, etc. Tell us what interests you most and we will create your ‘personal’ lecture. Perfect for a group of people in a company or a club. The presentation can also be done at home or office. You can also come to our shop where we are happy to give you a ‘look behind the scenes’.  Lectures are never repeted as we interact with everyone present so that you can get the most out of it.

  • Our shop

    In our shop we present a wide selection of home-accessories. Products for all areas including in- and outdoor products, air-cleaning systems, classical decoration items like vases, candles and pots in many sizes and many materials. For the past 30 years we have been well known for our special seasonal exhibitions during Christmas time and spring/Easter. This is when we decorate our whole shop completely new to give you the highest possible inspiration which all of our visitors enjoy.

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